Ocean in a Bottle

In the summer, my blow dryer takes a long hiatus.   It’s usually either too hot or too humid for me to justify actually doing my hair.   I’ve also been blessed with crazy fine hair that has little to no body on its own.  If I want to wear it down, I need a little help from some styling products.

Have you ever noticed how awesome your hair looks after swimming in the ocean and letting your hair dry in the breeze?  I’ve always been amazed at how good my hair looks at the beach even when doing absolutely nothing to it.    I’ve also been seeing a lot of sea sprays on the market this summer so I thought would make my own with the hope of recreating that elusive texture only the ocean can give.  It took just a couple of ingredients and all of 5 minutes to make.


Simply take 1 cup of very warm water and stir in 3 tbsp sea salt, 1/2 tbsp conditioner and 1 tbsp hair gel of your choice.   Using sea salt is important to get the desired texture so don’t be tempted by that cute little girl with the yellow dress and umbrella in your pantry.   Also, make sure you stir until all of the salt is dissolved.  Allow to cool to room temperature and then pour it into a squirt bottle.

I am very pleased with the texture this adds to my hair.  I usually use it on the second day after washing my hair.  I start with my hair dry and squirt it generously with the sea spray.  I then scrunch my hair to add some body and allow it to air dry.  You could also wrap your hair around a large barrel curling iron to get more defined curl.   Summer hairstyling could not be easier!

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