Behind the Blog

My name is Lauren.  This blog is primarily my musings about things that I love to do in my spare time.  My first love is food.  I love eating out, and experimenting with flavors and new recipes in my own kitchen.  My husband is my eager

phototaste tester and my children are the ultimate picky eaters.  I also have a lot of dietary restrictions in my extended family so I like to look for foods that will please everyone.   I believe that food is a key component of long term health and look for recipes that strike the balance between healthy eating and delicious tasting.

When I’m not cooking, my inner  nerd comes out and I love researching skincare products; how to make them and what ingredients are naturally good for your skin without the addition of harmful chemicals.  Here you will find an assortment of healthy (ish) recipes with some beauty/skincare recommendations and recipes sprinkled in for fun.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. lana8591 says:

    Love that you are doing this! You are amazing!!

  2. Greg Schmidt says:

    I’ll take anything rejected by your children AND your husband! Fat chance of that, eh, Lauren?

  3. Rose Fletcher says:

    Love that you’re doing this blog. I’m enjoying reading your thoughts, tips and recipes. It’s also nice to feel connected to you anytime I “click” on. 🙂

  4. I just made the cauliflower and used pecans because I didn’t have pine nuts….what a brilliant combo with the dates, best thing I’ve eaten in awhile! I made a large bowl with half a cauliflower and ate the WHOLE thing and had to refrain from licking the bowl. : \

    Thanks for this great recipe!


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