Thankfulness Thursday Edition 2

This month, we have had the distinct pleasure of several mini vacations to the lake.  My parents have a place down South and I have several close friends with homes on Lake Michigan.  Here are a few of the highlights of things I loved and the memories I am thankful for:

1) There are few things more striking than sunsets and sunrises over the water.  It was fun to see this picture of a sunrise on my parents lake….


juxtaposed with this picture taken at my friend’s Lake Michigan abode.


I love that there can be such a different feel between two bodies of water and yet both are considered lakes.  Creation’s creativity, varied colors and landscapes are an endless source of awe for me.

2.  My oldest daughter LOVES the sand.  It thrills my heart to see her so contented and completely enthralled in her own little world.  And, I try not to get too uptight thinking about the gallons of sand we will be washing off while she makes “sand angels” or buries her whole lower half in a mountain of sand.


3.  Is there anything sweeter than seeing your child’s unprompted expressions of love?  I’m not sure that there is.


What are you thankful for today?

P.S.  In case you missed the last Thankfulness Thursday post

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