Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

If there is anything I love as much as playing with food in the kitchen, it’s experimenting with my own beauty products.  I love knowing what is in my products and seeing how well common kitchen items double as effective beauty products.

I’ve heard a lot of buzz about using apple cider vinegar as a clarifying hair rinse or in place of conditioner as a way of adding shine and softness to the hair.  The idea is that the vinegar restores the ph balance to your hair after your shampoo has stripped it away.   It seemed too good to be true, but I thought I would give it a try.

I wasn’t sure how much vinegar to use, and the articles I read suggested anything from a few tablespoons to a 50/50 ratio of apple cider vinegar and water.  Figuring that more must be more, I started with equal parts water and vinegar.  BIG mistake!  My hair was so greasy I had to hop back in the shower and start all over again!  Let’s just say that I got a bit too much of that ph balance back.  I tried a few more times before I finally hit the sweet spot and now I am loving the results I see.  I use it probably 3 times a week after shampooing and I don’t even need conditioner.  My hair is definitely softer and shinier, and the best part is, this is such an economical solution for healthier hair!  Here’s how to get shiny magnificent hair for yourself:


Start with an 8 oz squirt bottle and some apple cider vinegar.  You will get the best results if you use an organic, raw vinegar with the mother still in it.


Pour about 1oz of vinegar into the squirt bottle.  I have very fine hair so if your hair is coarse and very thick, you might need a bit more vinegar to get the right results.  Play around with the proportions until you find what works for you.  I think it’s probably a little different for everyone.


Lastly, fill the remainder of the bottle with warm water.  After shampooing, squirt the entire bottle onto your hair and let it sit for several minutes to soak into your hair.  Rinse your hair thoroughly and style as usual.  I’m not gonna lie…the smell is less than stellar and you might get a few drops of bitter water in your mouth, but the payoff is worth it to me.  The first time I tried it, I was afraid my hair would smell even after it dried, but it didn’t.  It actually had a pleasant, sweet apple smell.   Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!